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Build real connections through sponsored wellness

We offer advertising solutions that put real connection within reach.

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Align Your Business With A Wellness Kiosk

Terraboost offers wellness kiosks that shoppers use, appreciate and remember. Imagine being able to greet your customers every day, every minute the store is open. With Terraboost, this dream is a reality.

Your advertisement ensures you exclusive ownership, a prominent position in the store and constant recognition among your customers.

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The Reasons Stack Up

1. Brand Awareness
2. Hyper-Local Targeting
3. Repetition
4. Perceived Endorsement
5. 1,000,000+ Impressions Yearly
6. Proven Results
7. Lowest CPM
8. 100% Turnkey Process

People Make The Difference

We are a diverse team of talented and thoughtful individuals who are on a mission to help today’s brands form lasting connections in an empathetic, affordable and effective way.

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