Building Trust With Seniors in Your Community: Marketing Tips for Retirement Communities

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A strong marketing plan means better results for any business. Senior living and retirement communities need improved strategies to keep up with the recent shift in the senior living population. As baby boomers reach retirement age (10,000 daily), strategies must adapt to the changing demographics.

Baby Boomers, The Next Frontier for Retirement Communities

Baby boomers are the new demographic to aim for when it comes to retirement communities. Whether it is looking for homes for their parents or for themselves, baby boomers have reached an age where retirement communities can be their best option. So, how do you reach them?

A recent survey suggests 83% of baby boomers are tech-savvy. Indeed, they use the internet, own smartphones, and have social media accounts. Thus, technology should be a big part of your evolving marketing strategy. Technology, along with passive advertisement, can truly improve your reach and increase positive brand awareness now and in the future. When the baby boomers reach their golden years, you’ll be able to pique their interest through these marketing tips.

A recent survey by suggests 83% of baby boomers are tech-savvy
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Be Transparent and Open

Residents moving into a new community need to know and understand what will be provided for them in terms of safety and convenience. They need to know what measures are taken for those losing their independence. Offering full disclosure and transparency regarding their daily lives there, gets people comfortable with the idea of moving to your retirement or senior living community. But how do you get the information out there?

Providing information in areas with high traffic allows potential residents to see what your community has to offer. Indeed, it builds trust, visibility, and brand awareness. Terraboost offers advertising in the form of wellness billboards in key areas like pharmacies and grocery stores that promote your retirement community through passive marketing. Passive marketing doesn’t cause inconvenience and allows potential clients to see and read about your business at their own pace.

Putting passive advertisements in trusted stores and pharmacies means you gain the perceived endorsement from such businesses. This increases positive association with your community. Then, you can place your social media handles on these billboards, giving immediate access to boomers wishing to connect via Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Staying connected means maintaining interest, increasing the likelihood of more new residents for your retirement community.

Update Your Marketing Website/Brochure

Now that you’re aware of the baby boomers and their increased likelihood of showing interest in retirement communities, you can use passive advertising to point boomers to your website that covers the needs of today’s seniors. Aside from including your business’ social media handles, create a marketing brochure that tailors to the needs of baby boomers.

Add future community events, testimonials from current residents, quotes, and profiles of houses and floor plans to give potential clients a comprehensive understanding of what they will have when they choose to move into your community. Baby boomers love seeing real reviews from real customers/clients. Offering a website or an online brochure that showcases everything your community has to offer is a great way to entice without being pushy.

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Find More Marketing Tips for Retirement Communities

The wellness billboards or kiosks put your company’s best foot forward. Thus, giving those interested the option to see more at your website, social media, or contact you directly. It is all about engagement when the person wants to engage, rather than spending on an advertisement that forces information on someone. Research suggests engagement plays an important part in sales. You can increase engagement through passive advertisements in well-placed areas. It really makes all the difference.

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