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National Growth Starts At The Local Level

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National Advertising Solution

What is a National Solution?

National growth starts at the local level.

Terraboost partners with leading Supermarkets and Drugstore chains, Airports, Health Clubs & Shopping Malls, amassing an exclusive media network of 200 million daily visitors, where advertisers are able to build a real connection with an engaged audience via affordable display advertising solutions while sponsoring health & wellness. 72,000 sponsorship locations are available to select from, built to provide high-engagement, affordable display advertising.

Regardless of the scale of your campaigns, Terraboost can spread your message effectively.

You get to leverage this!

  • 85% of customers come from a 3-5 mile radius
  • 1,000,000+ impressions per year
  • 125+ views per person per year
  • Less than 1 penny per impression
  • 100% exclusive advertising rights
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The Stats


Have a positive opinion of a company sponsoring the hand sanitizing billboards


Viewers recalled the advertising


Purchase intent increase


Use the sanitizer and therefore will interact with your brand


Top of Mind Advertising Lift


More likely to purchase a product offered on a hand sanitizing advertising display

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I’ve been using the Terraboost Advertising Billboards since last year and I’ve already signed up for more ads. I am in 2 Supermarkets and waiting for a third. I find their advertising solution extremely effective. The staff very helpful both on the phone and in person. The follow up is fantastic. They are very accountable and committed to their work.

Ellen RoseLong Realty West Valley

I signed up for ads on two Premium wipe dispensers. I am happy that I did! I have had excellent feedback and a countless number of people tell me that they shop with me at Safeway. Many colleagues tell me that it is a brilliant strategy and wish they had thought of it. I highly recommend advertising on these hand sanitizing billboards.

Craig JelinecSereno Group

I have had an ad through Terraboost for six months now. They were very easy to work with and their communication has been terrific. They had very clear specifications as to what they needed from me, offered help on the artwork and then placed the ad at the agreed upon location faster than expected.

Abigail MoriReal Estate Agent

Our dental practice is in a highly competitive area and we needed an affordable, sustainable and effective ad program. We have had many new patients directly attributable to the sanitary wipe billboard campaign. We even have patients sending us posed images next to our billboard ad.

Dr. Tane RontalDentist

The campaign is doing really great. They had a ton of comments and sightings of the Pharmacy and Grocery postings….VERY happy with all of it. The client is really happy and thinks the campaign will continue for at least 2-3 more years….which is AWESOME!

Keith KaneGraf Media Group