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Our Media Networks

Our Media Networks


Grocery Store Network Totals:

  • 20,918 Billboards
  • Over 160 Markets
  • 920 Million Monthly Impressions

OUR GROCERY STORE NETWORK places your message directly in front of consumers at the critical point of purchase. With an average of 4 billboards per store – located at entrances, the deli, and the pharmacy areas to surround the shopping experience and deliver both significant branding exposure as well as a proven sales lift for hundreds of advertisers. Our portfolio is rapidly growing and includes some of the largest supermarket chains to maximize reach and impact across various demographics throughout most major markets.

With research showing that grocery stores are one of the worst public places for germs – what better place to provide a meaningful and lasting impression.

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Typical Layout

Average of 5 Hand Sanitizing Billboard faces at entrance, pharmacy,  and other high traffic locations.


Mom Network Totals:

  • 10,532 Billboards
  • Over 189 Markets
  • 647 Million Monthly Impressions

OUR MOM NETWORK includes Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and children’s play areas in malls. The audience is acutely aware of germs and particularly thankful for the sanitizing products our billboards provide. Not only is your message seen by this highly sought after demographic, but 94% are left with a positive brand opinion of you.


Drug Store Network:

  • 16,774 Billboards
  • Over 125 Markets
  • 1.2 Billion Monthly Impressions

OUR DRUG STORE NETWORK places your message within Rite Aid, Kinney Drug, Navarro’s, and other regional pharmacy chains. The network also includes supermarket and supercenter chains with pharmacies – including Safeway, Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores, and Kmart. Our combined reach equals 33% of the top 25 chain drug stores nationwide. Engage with billions of consumers where they are interacting with their healthcare benefits, and have a need for for various OTC and prescription pharmaceutical products. Billboards at the entrance reach 100% of consumer traffic while the billboard placed at the pharmacy counter engages consumers who experience 11 minutes of dwell time on average.


Airport Network Totals:

  • 5,828 Billboards
  • 103 Markets
  • 908 Million Monthly Impressions

OUR AIRPORT NETWORK captures the attention of highly sought after business and leisure travelers, and follows them throughout their journey. With an average of of 40 billboards per airport which are strategically placed pre-security, post-security, throughout the food courts, gates, and other highly trafficked corridors; we deliver frequency where other media formats cannot.

The airport is an ideal venue to reach a captive and confined audience with substantial dwell time as they wait for their flights. The airport is also the ideal environment for germs – making our billboards the perfect recipe for extended engagement with your brand as consumers actively seek out your message.


Mall Network Totals:
  • 2,571 Kiosks
  • Over 80 Markets
  • 333 Million Monthly Impressions

OUR MALL NETWORK includes over 90% of the enclosed malls in the United States, and premium outdoor outlet mall locations. We provide access to over 725 malls reaching insanely high traffic of 12 billion consumers a year, and they typically engage with the billboards multiple times each visit. An average of 12 billboards cover each property – by each mall entrance, in the food court, busy walkways, and the children’s play area to effectively surround and reach 100% of all mall traffic.

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OUR HISPANIC NETWORK is composed of grocery stores, food service venues, convenience stores, dollar stores, and check cashing locations in high density Hispanic neighborhoods. Using both geographic and demographic data we are able to zero in on your specified target audience in the top Hispanic markets in the country.

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