Top 5 Simple Marketing Ideas for Landscaping Companies at the Local Level

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landscaping service working on shrubbery in a yard

With an annual growth rate of 3.5% and generating about $77 billion annually, we would not be lying if we said landscaping is a big deal. Also, given that it has few barriers of entry, and it is quite profitable, it is attracting many prospects. But there is a caveat. With increased landscaping companies, comes increased competition. As such, you have to find ways to stay ahead of the game.

Marketing is a sure way to beat the competition, but one has to employ strategies that do not cost a fortune. Here are five fresh marketing ideas for your business.

1. Market Your Landscaping Service Before the Busy Season

Busy season for landscaping starts in spring and continues until fall. Start marketing in winter or early spring for an edge over the competition. Otherwise, you will lag behind other companies.

To paint a realistic picture, one company, Schmechtig Landscapes, an Illinois company, reached out to prospective customers in early spring. Yes, it was a ton of work, but they closed projects totaling $108,000.

You have to be the first to contact the customer and contact them often. Repetition is the game as it builds your reputation with your prospective client.

2. Participate in Local Events and Shows

Local events and shows are excellent for building your brand and meeting new customers. The best are those designed for landscaping, as most people who attend are prospective customers or industry experts.

As you interact with attendees, issue business cards to people you consider as prospects. Business cards are a surefire way for customers to stay in touch. Make sure you have captured all the relevant information, and that it is attractive so people hold on to it for extended periods.

3. Wellness Billboards

Wellness billboards, and especially those sponsoring hand sanitizing products, have an unprecedented impact. 94% of users have a favorable opinion of the company sponsoring the product, 63% remember the advertising, and 71% of people are more likely to purchase from the company.

But the cherry on top is the location. Wellness billboards are in high traffic areas such as malls, airports, supermarkets and drug stores. Even better, 2 out of 3 people use these sanitizers and will interact with your brand.

One company we recommend for this strategy is Terraboost, given its wide coverage.

4. Use Listings to Power your Landscaping Business

According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online interactions start with an online search.

And most people will not search for you directly, but rather search for what they need. Displayed on the results page will be a ton of review sites, and you want to make sure you are listed on these websites. Your business profile should be updated with the correct information together with photos.

Some sites to list include HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz, and Thumbtack.

5. Create a Portfolio Website

The first point of contact between businesses and potential customers is online. A website puts you on the map, and you can lead some of the prospects down the funnel.

But why is a website essential? First, it helps you establish credibility. Also, it is available 24-hrs a day, and customers can visit it when it is convenient, and it is easily accessible.

On your website, showcase projects you think are your best work and use professional images.

Your website should be mobile-friendly, and it should communicate who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.


Marketing will keep your landscaping business afloat and help you thrive, given the increasing competition. But it is marketing done right. The tactics above are low-cost, but surefire ways to stay ahead of the curve. Also, feel free to contact us for your marketing needs.

You have to be the first to contact the customer and contact them often. Repetition is the game as it builds your reputation with your prospective client.