Marketing Your Preschools to Millennial Families: Tactics to Engage the Families of the Future

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Marketing to millennial families

Preschools are one of the fastest-growing segments of the child care market. Parents need a safe and clean place for their children to stay when they go to work. Preschools offer a stable, professional environment where trained staff tend to the needs of the child. Children in preschools learn the alphabet, develop fine and gross motor skills, and socialize in a way that yields positive outcomes later on in life. Because preschools are quickly becoming a highly needed area for child development and childcare, preschools must create effective marketing strategies to highlight the many benefits that come with preschool. For preschool owners to establish strong connections with the community and gain new clients, they have to understand the power of positive brand recognition and proper engagement. Millennial families are the families of the future.

To successfully engage with these families, preschool owners must understand where they frequent and what will connect them with the brand. Here are three tips for building an amazing marketing strategy for preschool owners.

Local, Local, Local

Local business requires local marketing. As an entrepreneur, preschool owners need to understand how to effectively reach people in their community. While flyers and business cards are great, they won’t be effective if marketed in the wrong areas. Go out and venture to the nearby places at different times of the day and see where families go. If supermarkets tend to be busy at 6 PM, and there are a lot of families that would be a great time to advertise the preschool.

Don’t forget to take out ads on social media. Millennial parents use social media more than ever before. Often they look for advice from other parents and browse websites for additional tips. Establishing a presence locally through geolocation targeting ads on Twitter allows people to see what the preschool does while also connecting with replies, messages, retweets, and so forth.

Mother And Daughter Walking Down Grocery Aisle In Supermarket

Plan a Free Event

Work with a local supermarket and plan a fun event to raise awareness of the preschool. Simple and fun activities like grocery scavenger hunts won’t cost a fortune and allow key advertisement placement. Thus, Terraboost offers hand sanitizing billboards in over 5,115 grocery store locations with up to 920 million monthly impressions.

By having a scavenger hunt where kids and their parents hit areas adjacent to every billboard, the preschool owner receives the highest number of impressions associated with positive experiences. The prizes can be toys, gift cards, books, or a free day at the preschool. The kids and parents have a great time. Plus, the preschool brand will be attached to a fun family event families.

Make Time for Tours

Millennial families like to do their research before enrolling their children in a preschool. This is because, oftentimes, they struggle financially to pay for childcare. Reports suggest expenses have increased in the last few decades from 2% to 18%. Therefore, if parents can see where their child will stay and have a chance to connect with the staff, they might be more likely to come back. Tours are a fun and free way to give parents exposure to how the school is run, how friendly the staff is, and how well the children are taken care of in the facility.

Preschool sitting area

Learn More About Marketing Your Preschool to Millennial Families

It is all about positive brand association. Millennial families spill the beans when it comes to a bad preschool or a great one. If parents see the preschool is amazing, they’ll be sure to tell anyone they know who has kids. They may do it online or in person, giving free advertising for the preschool.

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