The Importance of Out of Home Advertising for Healthcare Brands

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out of home advertising for healthcare

In recent years, consumers have exhibited an increasingly negative outlook toward the healthcare industry. In-home forms of advertising have proven ineffective in changing this trend. Fortunately, hospitals and other businesses in the healthcare sector can bolster their customer relations in huge ways through strategic forms of out of home advertising.

Unfortunately, many people in the healthcare sector still don’t realize what makes out of home advertising so effective. Wellness billboards, in particular, can greatly improve how customers perceive your business. This article takes a closer look at consumers’ feelings toward the healthcare industry, the importance of bolstering trust, and why out of home methods work so well.

Consumer Feelings Towards the Healthcare Industry Have Plummeted

Consumers’ feelings about the healthcare industry are at an all-time low. A recent survey found that 49% of Americans were dissatisfied with “the quality of medical care in the nation”. By contrast, only 39% of Americans claim to have a positive view. Those numbers reflect widespread concerns not just about the cost of healthcare, but also about the values that healthcare providers hold.

An even greater percentage of people — 79% — are actively considering changing healthcare providers. This number points to the abysmal amount of trust and loyalty that consumers feel toward their current providers. That kind of dissatisfaction not only hurts customer retention rates, but it also means that businesses can no longer count on word of mouth marketing.

Lack of Trust Hurts Consumer Loyalty

Consumers’ complaints about their healthcare providers encompass a wide variety of topics. Commonly cited problems include:

  • Slow response times
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of price transparency
  • Lack of price consistency
  • Inability to understand product coverage and bill payment specifics

Complaints such as these indicate a significant erosion of overall trust. Unfortunately, this cycle tends to be self-propagating. The less customers trust a healthcare company, the harder it is for that company to advance a consumer-oriented approach.

This erosion of trust is particularly damaging to the healthcare industry, where consumers have historically chosen brands because of their perceived trustworthiness. Expert messaging is not always enough to break through the noise of distrust. Instead, companies must take more direct approaches to boosting awareness and engagement.

Out of Home Advertising Builds Trust

While digital and internet-based marketing strategies are gaining rapid popularity, television’s impact has been decreasing. Meanwhile, out of home marketing remains a much more trusted method of getting through to potential customers. 56% of consumers voiced the most trust for out of home advertising, and 58% said they were more likely to take action after engaging with out of home advertising.

Surprisingly, this trend holds true even among tech-obsessed millennials. In fact, 10 percent more millennials voiced trust for out of home advertising, as compared to digital and online methods. Of course, plenty of people still carry out brand searches using their phones and computers. Yet, consumers are far more likely to perform such research after being exposed to out of home advertising.

Terraboost Understands Out of Home Advertising

Not all methods of out of home advertising generate equal results. The wellness stations pioneered by Terraboost have proven revolutionary when it comes to breaking through to the largest number of consumers in the most positive way. By tying advertising content to hand sanitizing stations in retail stores, Terraboost can deliver a huge boost for your brand awareness.

Terraboost’s 72,000 hand sanitizing billboards receive a whopping 200 million daily impressions. Furthermore, by linking your brand to a free product meant to reduce the chances of illness, you can greatly boost brand engagement and overall trust. Contact Terraboost today to learn about how their out of home advertising strategies can increase revenue for your healthcare business.