How Keeping Current Law Clients Happy Can Bring in New Business

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How Keeping Current Law Clients Happy Can Bring in New Business

Did you know that it’s five times more costly winning a new client to your law firm than maintaining a happy one? Also, did you know ill-treatment accounts for 68% of all defecting clients? Moreover, loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their initial purchases. Additionally, the Harvard Business Review reveals that 48 percent of clients who have negative experiences tell 10 or more people about it. Lastly, did you know that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% increases profitability by 25% to 95%?  

So, what do these stats mean to an attorney who wants to satisfy their most important business ally—the customer? Simple: retaining loyal and happy clients is an invaluable asset to your legal profession. So, read on to discover why maintaining happy customers can bring you new business and how best to do so. 

Why Happy Clients Can Make You Happier

So, why should you worry about happy clients? Happy clients are beneficial because they: 

  • Become your local business’s self-proclaimed and sponsored brand ambassadors because they will always talk about your strengths—free of charge, anywhere, and everywhere
  • Give you positive and honest reviews that generate you more business
  • Generate new business by referring your local business to their friends and relatives
  • Are your law firm’s bedrock for winning new business

68% of customers leave a business relationship because they perceive indifference on the business’s side

How to Maintain Happy Clients

Many local marketing solutions maintain happy customers. Here are some ways you can use to please your customers. 

Appreciate Them

Appreciation is the best place to start because they are already within your fold. This local solution is critical because studies reveal 68% of customers leave a business relationship because they perceive indifference on the business’s side. First, treat them as valuable people and not cash cows or new statistical additions to your client base. You can appreciate them in the following ways:

Thanking customers
  •  showing genuine interest in their lives
  •  Keeping your promises to them
  •  Thanking them for their compliments or referrals
  •  Remembering and calling them by name
  •  Addressing them respectfully and with a smile
  •  Asking them for their feedback or opinions on matters that affect them
  •  Delivering them handwritten appreciation notes

Determine What Keeps Customers Coming Back 

Next, take time to determine what keeps your clients loyal. Hearing these reasons from their mouths is critical since it keeps you on your toes to consolidate those things. Since the legal profession has fewer clients you can know personally, it’s more effective if you talk to clients individually so you can continue treating them that way. For instance, if one client esteems personal attention more than writing them handwritten appreciation notes, then focus on that.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional and satisfactory customer support is irreplaceable. For instance, one survey reveals that 51% of customers quit a business due to poor customer service. Remember, shoddy customer service is equal to “excellent” disservice to your own legal practice!

Don’t Let  Technology Replace Humanity  

Lastly, place humanity above technology. Yes, you can have automated phone and email responses to save money. However, human response to people save you the loss of the same people who give you the money you’re trying to save! No matter how high-tech you think you are, you are still serving people, and not technology.

Parting Shot 

A happy customer in your lawyer business is equal to ten new customers. Moreover, maintaining satisfied clients is cheaper than winning new ones. Lastly, pleasing your current clients is one of the most successful and cheapest ways of gaining new business. Therefore, apply all the insights in this post as a local solution to give you a competitive edge.

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