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Healthcare Marketing: 3 Trends to Look Out For in 2020

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Drivers of Change

Worldwide healthcare spending is expected to increase in the next few years, meaning numerous prospects for the sector. Although such a time comes with uncertainty, stakeholders should factor in current and historic drivers of change when outlining strategies for 2020 and the decade ahead. Understanding the drivers of change allows for a more prosperous future. These are:

  • Growing and aging population
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Rising frequency of chronic diseases
  • Evolving care models
  • Technological advancements
  • Expansion of healthcare systems in emerging markets (India, Mexico)
  • Higher labor costs and labor shortages

Keep reading so you can identify possible healthcare marketing trends in 2020.

Tip #1: Content Marketing, Moving Beyond Traditional

With chronic illness on the rise, people are going online more to understand what could be the problem. They look for symptoms and possible treatments, including making appointments online to visit a doctor. As a healthcare provider, or marketer, you want to attract more patients by providing them the conveniences they need. Providing online content such as a blog, website, chat client, or a social media profile, allows people to access high-quality content that answers their questions. Then, it enables them quick access to possible solutions.

But how do you get the word out to potential patients of all that you have to offer?

Viewing wellness advertisement

Smart Positioning allows customers to access your content when they want, at their convenience. Terraboost offers Wellness Billboards placed in strategic locations like airports, drug stores, and supermarkets that give you access to thousands of potential clients through increased positive brand awareness (94%more) and higher recall rate. Wellness Billboards provide freehand wipes and hand sanitizers while also advertising your business/organization, making people aware of everything it has to offer without appearing too aggressive.

Tip #2: Increase Readily Available Information Online via Google Knowledge Graph Panel

A large chunk of the population is aging, increasing the number of elderly. With age comes higher occurrence of chronic illness and a greater desire to find solutions quickly. While the labor shortage may increase in the next few years, along with labor costs, you can do one simple thing to give you an advantage.  

By claiming your Google Knowledge Graph Panel, you guarantee people are looking at the online content you provide without having to actively search and browse through your website. Gaining and optimizing a Knowledge Graph result allows you to become the authoritative editor and owner of a graph panel that gets straight to the point quickly and with minimum effort. Further, graph panels include information on headquarters, website address, social media profiles, and anything you want to include in the about section.

Let’s say you have an office with healthcare specialists that offer innovative treatment for multiple sclerosis. Claiming that a knowledge panel allows you to make it known you offer a specific treatment protocol and have highly trained specialists ready to help. This can lead to patients calling the office directly rather than searching online and potentially spotting your business/organization by chance.

By understanding the area where demand will increase and how technology is advancing to meet that demand, you can ride the wave to a successful outcome. Additionally, patients will receive the convenience, speed, and help they need for their chronic or acute health problems.

Tip #3 Increases in Digital Video Consumption

Patients are browsing videos online for information on symptoms and treatment options. An article on internet activity states roughly 80% of internet traffic is video. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood potential patients may call for an appointment after watching a healthcare-centered video. That means in the next few years there will be an increase in healthcare specialists offering video content.

YouTube and Instagram are popular social media sites that allow users to upload long format or short format video clips. Indeed, by providing potential clients with a readily available source of easy-to-digest information, they will feel confident in your organization.

A simple presentation of symptoms for common disease and how to treat it opens up efficient data exchange. In fact, they feel grateful for the free information provided and you established positive brand awareness for your organization/business.

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