Does Your Healthcare Brand Build Trust With Its OOH Strategy?

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Build Trust with a Healthcare Focused OOH Strategy

Healthcare providers are constantly looking for advertising strategies that can help them stand out amongst the competition. As a healthcare provider, one way to ensure a substantial ROI is to maintain a strong visual presence. The best way to do this is to use out of home (OOH) advertising because it will expose your healthcare brand to a larger population. Specifically, Terraboost offers hand-sanitizing kiosks with billboard displays which are the most cost-effective tools to communicate and engage with people and get your business in the consciousness of patients at an affordable price through healthcare-focused OOH advertising.

OOH, Builds Trust Through Engagement

The level of trust between healthcare providers and consumers is really low. Only 39% of consumers have a positive view of healthcare providers. 49% of consumers have a negative view of healthcare providers while 79% of consumers are considering changing their healthcare providers.

You can change this narrative by engaging an advertising company like Terraboost that specializes in out-of-home advertising.

Out of home ads will help develop trust for your business by building a strong relationship with consumers who are likely to engage you after exposure to your ads.

Terraboost delivers 200 MM daily impressions via 72,000 hands sanitizing jumbo wellness billboard located in retailers such as Rite Aid, Bed Bath & Beyond, Safeway, Walgreens, Albert sons, Stop & Shop, Kroger, Jewel, etc.

Therefore, by advertising with Terraboost Media, you’ll have access to a huge amount of engagement.

Billboards Help Build Trust

Billboards are a great way of introducing your brand’s message to people who have never stepped foot in your business. A US-based study found that 58% of billboard viewers ended up visiting restaurants they saw advertised. Further, 56% of them told family and friends about the amusing ads they had seen.

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As a medical practitioner, you can take advantage of this; each passing billboard viewer could be someone who can turn out to be your next patient. In fact, the more visual your brand is, the better will be its competitive advantage. This will get you loyal customers who will grow your market share.

Apart from effective deliverance of relevant content to potential clients, billboards can also trigger discourse between viewers of your outdoor ads and their social networks and this will broaden your coverage base. All forms of OOH ads created by Terraboost foster all these types of relationships.

Using billboards by Terraboost, you can engage with your target market locally, nationally, or regionally by selecting the advertising networks and/or locations that matter to you most.

Note that many consumers choose trustworthy brands and this notion is created by having a strong healthcare-focused ooh advertising strategy and offering high-quality services.

Trust Amongst Millennials

It’s interesting to note that Millennials prefer traditional media over digital formats. In fact, only 46% of them trust online video while up to 56% of them trust OOH.

Research by Nielsen found that OOH is the most trusted advertisement medium. Indeed, 58% of people likely to take action after seeing an OOH ad.

High levels of activation with high levels of trust are the powers that OOH advertising can bring to your business.

Learn More About OOH Advertising

By engaging Terraboost, you’ll get a service tailored to your unique business need with a message to potential clients. Terraboost offers a myriad of low cost, high impact digital marketing options to solidify conversion and ROI for its valuable clients. Hospitals and healthcare brands are currently missing an opportunity to connect with consumers at a local level. Thus, they build trust between consumers and their brand with Terraboost OOH advertising.

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