9 Smart Ways to Generate Results With QR Codes

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Man Scanning QR Code With Smartphone

Quick Response Code, or “QR Code”, is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode originally developed in Japan for tracking certain components that are now is exploding in terms of its many use cases related to marketing & advertising application. Advertisers are using the code to connect consumers to business cards, promotions, and a variety of other “calls to action”. Terraboost Media is at the forefront of innovative out-of-home media and has found many ways of allowing its advertisers to incorporate QR codes to make the media even more actionable, bolstering ROI for its clients – large and small.

Who Can Use QR Codes

These two-dimensional barcodes are a useful marketing tactic since they can be printed anywhere. Indeed, to engage, all a consumer needs to do is scan. What’s more – due to a recent iOS upgrade, this feature is built right into the camera function of iPhones. Advertisers are now taking advantage of this change, and partnering with media companies to augment their branding and make it actionable. Companies such as Terraboost Media – which has a network of over 70,000 kiosks in retail stores across the U.S., can offer advertisers the opportunity to capitalize on this trend because all its advertising is within arms-reach, making the scan extremely easy.

Using QR Codes as Business Cards

A simple scan can enable a user to obtain someone’s virtual business card – which provides critical contact information as well as explains the nature of one’s business in a more productive, more meaningful way.

Discounts and Coupons

Consumers are always looking for the best deal available, and competition will always be strife, QR Codes put you at the front line concerning informing consumers of the latest discounts. In fact, by simply scanning the code, customers can unlock coupons and discounts with ease.

Invitation to Events

What if you could sign people up for an event by having them scan a code? QR Codes can do this and more. Specifically, by creating direct access to a sign-up page using the QR Code, you can get thousands of people to register for events, seminars, and workshops quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions are an essential part of any website. A QR Code can be configured to send a system-generated query directly as an email. The email is then automatically sent as soon as the customer scans the code.

Join or Follow a Profile on Social Media

Consumer-targeted goods have seen an increase in coverage due to social media; QR Codes can be vital links between your clients and your social media platform. A unique QR can give visitors direct access to your Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Mobile Applications

Apps have become an integral part of companies and can be classified as a marketing tool, especially in the case of consumer goods. Developing an app gives your customers a personal interaction with the business; QR Codes can be used to take customers directly to the app store to download your business app in a few clicks.


Physical stores and outlets can capitalize on QR Codes to give access to the in-store WI-FI. Once customers connect, you can tailor ads on new products and special offers as pop-ups within the browser.

Direct Dial Your Customer Service Number

Communication between your business and your clients should be a streamlined process that achieves just that; communication without the hassle. Terraboost prides itself on being able to offer a platform for businesses to engage directly with customers. One creative way to keep in touch with consumers is to embed a QR Code which, when scanned, directly calls customer support to answer any queries about specific products.

Conducting Surveys

Feedback is an essential component of a business. Regular surveys administered through QR Codes can give invaluable information on what customers think about your brand. Also, this can be set up by a media advertising network for the most comprehensive coverage

Learn More About Using QR Codes

The Terraboost network puts you as a business owner well ahead of the pack by offering advertising solutions that suit your specific needs. A robust media network partnered with leading outlets immensely takes advantage of QR Codes to make your brand stand out.

The Terraboost Media network of billboards at retail put your brand front & center in the neighborhood in which you live and do business. You’ll be able to reach your community at the most frequented retailers. Further, you’ll have the opportunity to integrate QR Codes to capitalize on any of the aforementioned tactics. Contact us for real human connections, real results.

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