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What Is Terraboost?

Terraboost Media is an Omnichannel Media, Marketing & Communications Company with a network of over 70,000 Health & Wellness Billboards strategically located at the front doors of chain supermarkets, drugstores, specialty retail (e.g. Bed Bath & Beyond), shopping malls, airports & healthcare providers offices. We specialize in delivering hyper-local advertising impact to national, regional and local brands seeking to customize messaging down to the neighborhood for maximum relevancy, relatability and results.

We see daily traffic exceeding 200 million per day, which is 2x the super bowl viewership, generating billions of engagements per month for our thousands of advertising clients. We’re also proud to collaborate with some of the world’s most respected retailers; delivering comprehensive and subsidized health & wellness solutions addressing the safety and well-being of their guests while optimizing the customer experience.

Where are the Terraboost Media’s offices?

Terraboost has offices in Indianapolis, Las Vegas and the metropolitan areas of Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami.  

How much does advertising with Terraboost cost?

We work with practically all budgets and sizes.  Some of our clients purchase just one kiosk, whereas others purchase more than 1000 per month.  Some clients only participate in our wellness kiosk “out of home” advertising whereas others capitalize on our omnichannel capabilities.

How long are your campaigns?

Local advertisers generally advertise for 6 or 12 months.   National advertisers sometimes advertise as little as 4 weeks, but across many locations.

When was the company founded, and by who?

Brothers Brian and Brett Morrison founded the company in 2006

How many employees does Terraboost Media have?

As of March 2019, Terraboost has over 180 employees across the USA.

What are the advantages of Terraboost vs. other local advertising options?

There are several advantages that Terraboost provides vs. other local advertising options.

  1.   Exclusivity.  You’ll never share a kiosk with another advertiser, which is unique vs. most other media options such as radio, magazines, TV where you always share space and are often times buried deep within a publication, never to be discovered.  
  2.   Inexpensive.  Our advertising costs just 1 penny per 3-18 views  ($.50 – $3 CPM) which is insanely inexpensive compared to other local options
  3. Turn-key.   Unlike other advertising options, Terraboost handles every element of your ad.  We create, post, manage and provide proof of performance so you know your investment is well protected.
  4. Available in Vertical markets that are sensitive to your brand. If you sell toothpaste, we can post you in supermarket chains.  If you sell health insurance, perhaps our doctors’ office network is more sensible.  If you’re a dental professional, perhaps advertising in the drug store across the street is an amazing local option

Does Terraboost Work?

Based on renewing clients we would suspect they do!   Please feel free to browse happy clients on our website or online.  Be mindful that your advertising will only be as effective as your messaging and creative.

How do I get started?

Contact us via bot, form or phone and we’ll connect you with the appropriate account executive, usually within minutes who will be honored to assist you with every aspect of your potential program. There are no stupid questions – we are here to help drive results for your business.

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Embrace your community while also growing your business. Local connections are formed every day with Terraboost.

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National growth starts at the local level. Create national awareness through hyper-local advertisements.

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Unique needs require custom solutions. Terraboost is available almost anywhere meaningful impressions are needed.