Digital Healthcare: Connecting With the New Healthcare Consumer

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To say that the healthcare industry has changed in the last twenty years would be a serious understatement. Not only is technology transforming patient access and choice in healthcare, but the rise of Millennials, and now Gen-Z, have brought many significant changes to healthcare. Especially in the form of digital healthcare.

Healthcare facilities are working to adapt to better patient engagement and technology. It’s time to connect with the new healthcare consumer, providing quality care that is competitive in the modern market.

The Healthcare Market is Changing Significantly

Changes in the healthcare market are primarily focused on the change in your healthcare consumers. Millennials have a high expectation for convenience, affordability, and quality in their care. This is redefining how they engage with healthcare at each stage of care, and many are willing to take their business elsewhere. Young consumers are not satisfied with antiquated healthcare practices. For example, a “take it or leave it” attitude or administration that uses phones and printed paper. Consumers of all generations are also becoming more willing to try non-traditional services as a more satisfying alternative.

Younger generations would like to have a primary care physician, but few have found a provider that meets their preferences for affordability, accessibility, and care convenience. In fact, Gen-Z is now the most likely generation to seek out wellness outside of Western medicine

Patient Preferences are Going Digital

Patients today want transparency, convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency in their healthcare services. Also, they have shown high satisfaction with newer care models that provide these features and elements. Most patients today expect the digital capability to manage their own care. They want mobile apps, online portals, and the ability to take care of medical-related tasks online.

The Deloitte patient engagement study has found that 77% of patients prefer a provider with online prescription refills and 68% will show preference to providers with online appointment booking, cancellations, and appointment time changes. 69% of patients prefer to communicate with healthcare providers through email instead of over the phone, and 70% would prefer a provider who sends digital reminders for appointments and followups.

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Local Engagement Can Enhance Digital Care

Interestingly, with all the focus on digital satisfaction in modern healthcare, staying competitive is still a multi-channel effort. One of the best ways to enhance your digital care is through local engagement, bringing your healthcare brand into the everyday physical life of potential patients. Terraboost can help by bringing physical healthcare advertising into the supermarkets your patients shop in every week.

The vast majority of people still do their supermarket shopping in person, with 84% reporting never having shopped for groceries online. More interestingly, 58% of consumers have been found to be more likely to take action and engage with a brand after seeing their OOH (out-of-home) advertisement, integrating that brand into many aspects of their life.

This creates an opportunity for healthcare brands looking to inform local consumers about the availability of nearby facilities. Plus, the practices and procedures that will mean the most to your patients.

Learn More About Digital Healthcare

With Terraboost, your healthcare brand can reach out to future patients locally. Thus, integrating your brand into their lives and pairing your out-of-home advertisements with your current digital engagement campaign. When it comes to connecting with local consumers, supermarket outreach is an incredibly effective method. Indeed, you are communicating directly with the people who live near your facility.

If you’re ready to expand your integrated marketing and reach out to local patients, visit the Terraboost to find out more.