Community Building 101: The Key to Long Term Business Success

By January 11, 2020 February 27th, 2020 No Comments
woman touching modern kiosk at night for healthcare community

Thanks to the wonders of internet and smartphone technology, human beings can now enjoy instant access to anything with only a few clicks. On the surface, this ease of access would seem to suggest that people are more connected than ever. Yet, a 2018 study by Cigna found that almost half of Americans feel alone and isolated without a community.

This striking statistic would suggest that, despite technological advances, people crave community just as much as ever — yet don’t always know how to find it. Healthcare brands can and should capitalize on this desire by taking deliberate steps to build community. The more seriously you take this goal, the great your customer engagement and overall business success will be.

Benefits of Community Building

Businesses often downplay the importance of community building because they don’t understand the benefits of such engagement. Here are three direct benefits of community building.

Keeping Your Community Engaged

Community building is an ongoing aspect of company branding. Once you have fostered one, you must continue doing work to ensure that your customers stay engaged.

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