3 Ways to Build a Trusted Reputation for Your MedSpa Within Your Community

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MedSpas have enjoyed a massive spike in popularity, with no signs of slowing down as time goes on. In fact, according to one industry projectionthe MedSpa industry is forecasted to continue growing at an average rate of 8% through 2022. While that growth is a good thing for medspas in general, it also means that individual facilities will face greater competition moving forward.

A strong marketing strategy is, therefore, essential for MedSpas today. While many MedSpas focus on digital marketing, community engagement builds brand recognition and a trusted reputation. Here are three effective ways to generate new business by reaching out to your community.

Get Involved in Community Events With Your MedSpa

Although MedSpas are gaining popularity, many people still don’t understand the full range of services your company offers. Face to face interactions are a great way to spread the word. Consider setting up a booth or table at community events like holiday parades, art and craft fairs, concerts and block parties.

To encourage even more engagement, volunteer to provide free — and preferably quick — services to people who stop by. A brief facial, skincare consultation, or massage will give you a chance to explain some of your other services and invite potential customers to come by your medspa and check things out themselves.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

A MedSpas’ greatest strengths is hybrid identity, which combines a day spa’s luxury with an emphasis on advanced medical cosmetics. This unique approach means that medspas are uniquely positioned to partner with a wide range of related yet non-competing businesses, such as:

  • Fitness clubs
  • Makeup artists
  • Nutritionists
  • Photographers
  • Salons

You should strongly consider reaching out to such businesses in your community to discuss partnering for cross-promotions. For instance, you could offer bonus services or pricing discounts to customers who visit both you and your partner businesses.

Alternately, you can reach out to such businesses to offer them discounted rates on your services. Not only will this help you build your clientele base, but the employees of such businesses will also play a vital role in spreading the word about your medspa. Plus, you will be building goodwill within your community — an intangible yet highly useful gesture that almost always yields positive results as time goes on.

Embrace Out of Home Marketing

Another effective marketing method is to out-of-home marketing to reach local people who fit your demographic. In other words, advertising content located within your community. Historically, out-of-home marketing revolved around static forms of advertising such as billboards, posters, and transit signage.

Today, however, printed signs are rapidly being replaced with digital media. This allows advertisers to offer far more dynamic forms of targeting. For instance, programming digital billboards to rotate between several ads based on the speed of passing traffic, thus increasing legibility. Marketing agencies are also moving more towards place-based messaging platforms. Thus, tying brands to stores and other places more likely to support their demographic.

For instance, Terraboost has built a network of 72,000 hand sanitizer billboards located in a variety of different retail stores. Thus, allowing local businesses to deploy their brand messaging in a highly specific manner. This kind of approach can prove especially useful for a MedSpa, since it ties your advertising to a free wellness product that directly benefits members of your community.

Learn More About Marketing for the MedSpa Industry

Regardless of the particular blend of strategies you use, community building should be a central pillar of your MedSpa’s marketing department. The more outreach you do in your local community, the better you will be able to build a reliable customer base.