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Advertise by Chain
Brand marketers often capitalize on the opportunity to engage shoppers across specific chain(s) in order to maximize sales/new product launches. Terraboost is the only jumbo 4-Square foot advertising opportunity available at the front door and in the pharmacy.
  • Flexibility: Run chain wide, run by banner, by market, match stores by sales, and more
  • Multiple Placements: Wipe fixtures greet the shoppers at store entrances while perimeter units surround the shopping experience at pharmacy, deli, meat, and/or produce
  • Add-Ons: Coupon pads, product bins, and more available in select chains
  • Merchandising: Terraboost does its own fulfillment in stores, proving our advertisers with picture proof and 100% compliance
Find our kiosks at major supermarket & drug store chains, shopping malls & airports nationwide
grocery stores
Guaranteed to place your giant 4-square foot message directly in front of consumers at the critical point of purchase. With an average of 3 dispensers per supermarket - the billboards surround the shopping experience and are generally located at both entrances and the pharmacy to deliver both significant branding exposure as well as proven sales lift for hundreds of advertisers.
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Place your message within Rite Aid, Kinney Drug, Navarro's, and other regional pharmacy chains. The network also includes supermarket and supercenter chains with pharmacies - including Safeway, Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores, and CVS. Our combined reach equals 33% of the top 25 chain drug stores nationwide.
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Promote within recognizable brands such as Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond & various other locations that are targeted to Mom’s such as child play areas in malls, grocery store entrances, and learning centers. This audience is acutely aware of germs and particularly thankful for the amenity that our hand sanitizing billboards provide.
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Capture the attention of highly sought after business and leisure travelers throughout their journey. With an average of 40 kiosks per airport strategically placed pre-security, post-security, throughout food courts, gates, and other highly trafficked corridors, we deliver frequency where other media formats cannot.
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